Hilsbury Manor

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Hilsbury Manor Grounds Layout.jpg
Hilsbury Manor Layout.jpg

This dungeon is located in Misthaven Crossing and has a level range from 23-28.

Behind the mirror in the master bedroom, lies the Crushing Burden of Shadow, a level 50+ area, which you can only enter with a level 50+ character.


These NPCs levels have been changed during the patches prior to the free to play launch.

  • Balael the Animator 21x5
  • Caretaker Dakken 19x3
  • Lord Taygood 19x3
  • Darkwing 20x4
  • Over-Cooked Fondue 22x3
  • Hilsbury Butler 22x3
  • Gir'dar 22x3
  • Hilsbury Mistress 24x3
  • Hilsbury Caretaker's Assistant 24x4
  • Hilsbury Caretaker 24x4
  • Irrigar(Son of Talfyn) 24x4
  • Caretaker Caine 24x5


Slayer's Haven

  • [20] Hilsbury Mansion (Group)
    Given by Slayer Talakor at Slayer's Haven
    • Find Darrius Elkentrophe in Hilsbury Mansion

Hilsbury Manor

  • [20] The Ingredients (Group)
    Given by Darrius Elkentrophe
    • Essence of Bloodlust (0/1)
  • [25] The Book of Vallidar'Arth (Group)
    Given by Darrius Elkentrophe
    • Torn Pages 1: Book of Vallidar´Arth (0/1)
    • Torn Pages 2: Book of Vallidar´Arth (0/1)
    • Torn Pages 3: Book of Vallidar´Arth (0/1)
  • [25] The Book of Gazzriel (Group)
    Given by Darrius Elkentrophe
    • Torn Pages 1: Book of Gazzriel (0/1)
    • Torn Pages 2: Book of Gazzriel (0/1)
    • Torn Pages 3: Book of Gazzriel (0/1)
  • [25] The Book of Talfyn (Group)
    Given by Darrius Elkentrophe
    • Torn Pages 1: Book of Talfyn (0/1)
    • Torn Pages 2: Book of Talfyn (0/1)
    • Torn Pages 3: Book of Talfyn (0/1)

  • [00] Frankenstein (Group) - (This is not a quest, actually. The name is made up. There's no quest text or quest acceptance.)
    • Step 1 - Get Quest
    Kill the maggots in the basement, and collect each of the three parts. They are not tradable, so designate one person in your group to collect parts. That way you will be more assured to get a full set on one character.
    • Step 2 - Piece the monster together!
    Once you have all three parts, right click one of them to piece the monster together!
    • Step 3 - Bring it to life!
    Once you have the Goulish Cadaver, go to the green necromantic flame in the center of the room, and right click the flame! The beast will come to life! [24] Irrigar (Son of Talfyn)

..."Igor, he lives! Muahahahaha! The Son of Talfyn lives! ... Now kill him!"


Lord Talfyn was a powerful mage who assisted in the defense of Old Targonor against the undead. He singlehandedly held off the undead for a time and as a reward for his valor was granted the fiefdom of Hilsbury. All was well until the day he was attacked by a vampire and contracted the disease. He proceeded to infect his entire household, servants and all. Misthaven, as is befitting a village ruled by a Vampire Lord, has slowly succumbed to darkness and despair. Residents stay indoors at night and strangers are viewed with deep suspicion.

Lord Talfyn has been missing from the Manor for some time, giving the residents some brief relief and a growing sense of dread about his return.