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Prestige Titles

If you build up enough Diplomatic Prestige in one of the Diplomatic Centers in Telon, it is now possible to use it to buy a Title from the leader of that Diplomatic Center.

Each title will cost you 1000 points of prestige, or a full (blue bar turns green) bar in your Factions tab.

The Prestige Centers, the titles, and the leaders you need to speak to in order to get your title are listed below:

Prestige Center Title NPC
Pankor Zhi Advocate of Pankor Zhi Dallaraz Xii (take the tunnel south from the crafting area)
Ahgram Advocate of Ahgram Sultan Omid Mahdavi-Kia (Ahgram Palace, upstairs)
Khal Advocate of Khal Vizier Djuruhat Haimurem (upstairs in Tradewind Tavern)
Ca'ial Brael Speaker of Ca'ial Brael Iona Riverborn (chamber of the sun, first level)
Tanvu Speaker of Tanvu Haroji Jadedragon (main square, facing west entrance)
Martok Speaker of Martok Governor Jalixfin (central building)
New Targonor Emissary of New Targonor the King (in the Hall of Brothers, take a left before going to lift. Enter Temple of the Fathers, the throne room is above you)
Bordinar's Cleft Emissary of Bordinar's Cleft the King (throne room)
Leth Nurae Emissary of Leth Nurae Queen Ilya Florendyl (Throne room, palace)


If you manage to obtain all three titles on a single continent, you can visit an altar on that continent for an even greater title and 838,788 diplomatic experience.

The locations of the altars and the titles you get are:

Continent Title Altar Location
Kojan Speaker of the Kojani Races Tawar Galan (69890, -47902, 25758) on the mountain side north of path leading to Ca'ial Brael
Qalia Advocate of the Qalian Ancestors Cliffs of Ghelgad (-13, -8)-(-49500, +44700, +42700) on the top of the western cliff north of Khal. Note: The location of the altar was moved in March 2008; it used to be down near the water.
Thestra Emissary of the Thestran People Ridge of Memories (13198, 81924,74916)
All Exemplar Done at Thestran Altar. Ridge of Memories (13198, 81924,74916)

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