The Crushing Burden of Shadow

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Tokren Elkenthrophe, the quest NPC you can meet right after going through the mirror.

This dungeons is located in Misthaven Crossing behind the mirror in the master bedroom of the Hilsbury Manor and has a level range from 50-55.



Chunk Debuffs

  • Global debuff
    • Engulfing Darkness: the power of Lord Talfyn cripples untainted souls. Initially this reduces Healing effectiveness by 50%, Damage done by 50% and causes 200 damage every second. Effects can be mitigated.
  • Tank debuffs
    • Immeasurable Burden: Cost of all abilities double. Damage Reduced: 25%. Healing Reduced: 25%.
    • Sharing The Pain: Every attack against you will also hurt your party members. Damage Reduced 25%. Healing Reduced 25%.
  • Healer debuffs
  • DPS debuffs

Known drops